my coming out


I’ve recently taken one of my first steps to take control of my life. I came out to my closest friends that I’m gay and I’d like to share my feelings on the topic of coming out and why it isn’t something you should be scared of doing, however, in some cases, should be done with some caution as not everyone will be as accepting.

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself” – Jim Morrison

The first person I told is my closest friend and roommate, Paul. I think that the first step to coming out is to be completely honest with your most trusted friend in your life, whether this is a family member or friend. This is a crucial first step to coming out as it makes it easier to be able to say it to more people. Personally, I had quite a bit of trouble actually saying the word, “gay”. And was stuck saying, “I’m …” a few times before managing to get it out. This isn’t always so simple though as to some it can be thought of as a lie or plea for attention, and then it is confirming it with all honesty that can be very hard especially when you could easily say you weren’t being serious and become stuck in the closet yet again.

Upon telling the first person, it becomes easier to tell the other significant people in your life, for me this was by telling Liam and Jessica. This can be done anywhere, I found that it was easier to say when we were alone. And in my opinion, I should be told in person as it is a large step in embracing the new and better (cringe, I know) person you become.

The Next Step

I can’t say much more about the topic yet, as I still have to do so much more to complete, in my own coming out experience. This will probably be telling all my friends gradually and finally, once I summoned up as much courage as I possibly can, my family.

Please tell me about your own coming out experiences (if you aren’t straight), if you feel like it would help you as I always find that it is easier to deal with something when you have someone to tell and talk to about it. Thank you for reading my blog and be sure to share it with friends or family.

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