As I’ve mentioned before on a previous post, I am terrible at doing revision. A good example to help elaborate how bad my problem is that in less than a month I have my first GCSE exam and I am currently sitting in my father’s office with all my books in front of me, writing about how to not do revision. Now that you know that reading this is probably not in your best interest, continue reading.

  1. Start a blog

If you’re still reading, then my first idea on how to procrastinate is to start a blog and just write about whatever comes to mind. I’ve written almost all of my blog posts during “study” sessions as I simply find it more interesting to write about myself or things that I am thinking than reading textbooks, taking notes and doing tests. I understand that this isn’t a perfect solution for everyone since it still does involve you requiring some mental capacity, but it works for me.

2. Watch Something

This has got to be the most obvious option available to you if you’re revising in a closed environment like your room. You can watch anything whether it be on YouTube, dailymotion or Netflix. My personal favourite is starting a tv series in the middle of a revision session because once I’ve started I won’t stop till it’s finished. YouTube is good if you’re looking for something short or funny; my personal favourite is watching FailArmy or vines. If this is your option though, you must become adept at using keyboard shortcuts for switching/closing tabs and making sure you don’t look like a frantic monkey in the process.

3. Read About Something Actually Interesting

Like the blogging idea, this isn’t something that will tickle everyone’s fancy. I do actually enjoy reading (I know I’m a weirdo), just not plain facts from a textbook that I have to remember. For me, I might read an action/fantasy or romance novel. Strangely enough, reading “She jumped from a cliff, catapulting herself forwards towards the hovering blimp. Knives in each hand, she stretches her arms out and the blades lock themselves into the hard balloon,” keeps me more interested and involved than “In an experiment, comparing temperature against pressure for a fixed volume, we can see a proportional relationship.”

4. Doodle

This is probably the most common way I enjoy to procrastinate during lessons. In lessons you may find some difficulty in being able to watch a video or write an electronic blog when you’re only being provided a pen and paper. I found that the best technique in being able to accomplish procrastination is through using these tools to release your inner emotions and thoughts. This doesn’t particularly have to be through doodling since you can also scribble or even do origami if that helps you. Should you do this during lessons and you have an attentive teacher who likes to stalk the classroom, make sure that you have an extra piece of paper to hide your art when they come around, not that they should be suspicious since it does look like you’re writing.

I’m not going to say that I hope this was useful to read, because really, it’s the opposite. If this was enjoying to read though, make sure to read my other posts and give the post a like. You can follow me on Instagram @anothernormalboy.

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