About Me

In this blog, all those mentioned have fake names, including myself, for obvious privacy reasons. I am a fifteen-year-old boy in school and there is something that separates me from most of those in my school, I’m gay. 

This blog is an attempt for me to unload the mental baggage I carry and hopefully will be useful, entertaining or anything good that encourages you to read it. 

A few things that you should know about me are: my favourite anime is “The Seven Deadly Sins”, and my favourite TV series is, “Game of Thrones”. My favourite movie is, “Rogue One” and my favourite book series is, “Gone” by Michael Grant, however I really enjoyed the “Harry Potter” series by JK Rowling. I love sushi, tortellini and Wagamamas is my favourite restaurant.

I am always happy to receive emails for feedback and possibly anything you would like to talk to me about (I know this sounds weird coming from a fifteen-year-old) as I find that having someone to talk to is always better than not talking at all.